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My Publications

Matilda Achieves Autonomy, in ITA News, Institute of Transactional Analysis, Summer 1995


Relational Supervision, in (Fowlie, H. & Sills, C. Eds) Relational Transactional Analysis: Principles in Practice, London: Karnac Books. 2011


Relational Supervision, in Transactional Analysis Journal, Volume 41, No. 4, October 2011


Multiple Contemporaneous Games in Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic and Political Perspectives” - Minikin, K. & Chinnock, K. Transactional Analysis Journal, Volume 45, Number 2, April 2015




An Introduction to Transactional Analysis - Lapworth & Sills (Sage)
A basic introduction to Transactional Analysis.


Transactional Analysis a Relational Perspective – Hargarden & Sills (Routledge)
Mainly for therapists. This book offers a Relational approach to Transactional Analysis.


Relational Transactional Analysis: Principles in Practice - Sills & Fowlie (Karnac)

Another 'mainly for therapists' book.


Necessary Losses – Judith Viorst (Fireside)
An in-depth look at the losses we need to manage in life in order to grow.


Momma and the Meaning of Life – Irvin Yalom (Piatkus)
Moving accounts of a therapist with his patients.

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